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I was ecstatic to see the Yankees first preseason game on Sunday. I am so ready for baseball season.

ARod looked especially good. He had another hectic offseason. But, if he remains healthy and is used as DH often, he may have a great year. He hit a home run on the first pitch he saw in preseason and it was against Roy Halladay.

Pitcher Michael Pineda was impressive in his first start going two scoreless innings. That game was not on TV. I want to see more of him before passing judgment.

Joba continues good recovery from Tommy John surgery. He will begin throwing pitches any day now. He will be back in full form come midseason.

General Manager Brian Cashman says he is sleeping better with this pitching rotation than last year. Last year the Yankees won 97 games meaning 100 is not impossible.

He admitted health is the key to success. The Yankees need to prepare some of their younger players. The farm team needs to step in when one of the older players has an injury.

I have to comment on the new wild card team addition. I don’t like it. Why keep changing something that works?

I remember when you had to win your division to make it to the playoffs. A one game playoff seems silly to me.

The night before you are so excited to make it and the next night you are out. Maybe, after I see it happen a few years I will like it more.

It’s hard to believe the Yankees could finish third in the division and still make the playoffs. Many years they may not deserve it.

And, anything can happen in one game. It’s all up to how good your pitcher is that night. It should be at least best out of three games. Although, then I would complain the other teams, who won their divisions, would have too much time off.

With this new format, odds increase greatly for a one-game tiebreaker to determine the second Wild Card team, especially with five teams from each league making the postseason. We may be playing baseball until December. Isn’t baseball a warm weather sport?

I’m just against adding another wild card team. It does not matter how much more excitement it adds. It is just messing with a good thing so that baseball can make more money.

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe baseball is fine just the way it is.