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Rely Local Helping New Britain, Berlin Businesses

“A healthy community depends on a healthy economy, and both completely depend on the local businesses in New Britain – Berlin!” – that is one of the mottos the company Rely Local tells its customers.

Amelia Schwencke, owner of Rely Local New Britain-Berlin, said her company helps small businesses get online and reach people in a way that helps them compete against big companies who can have bottomless media budgets.

“We offer a business listing that is unlike others,” said Schwencke. “You get all your contact information linked to your social media, a link to your website, facebook, twitter, and a blog. It helps your media be more visible to google.”

There is also room to tell your story and have pictures with your listing.

“It will be you on that page. Not you and every business in Connecticut or the country,” she said. “Ultimately it’s a place for people to go to find out where to shop in New Britain and Berlin.”

Schwenke can also help you design a website and manage it as needed.

“Almost everybody agrees having a web page is going to help you be more visible,” she said. “Some businesses have a web page, but it doesn’t give the information needed. It’s important the web page build trust between you and the customer.”

Rely Local first got started in Oregon by two men who worked for a non-profit that suffered by the economy. They were laid off and realized local businesses were dying and being replaced by big box stores. They came up with the theory that local businesses needed help.

According to the Rely Local website, “more money spent with local businesses stays here (about 68 percent), where much less money spent with national chains stays in the area (only about 14 percent), and money spent online. well. simply leaves. Forever.

To us, supporting local businesses doesn’t stop with the economy – It is all about creating a stable and vibrant community! New Britain – Berlin businesses create jobs (tax revenue for schools, parks, roads) while offering diversity in the marketplace, with unique products and services not found in big-box stores or chain restaurants. Not to mention – these local business are owned by the very people who sponsor our little leagues, donate to our local charities, and volunteer for our community events – giving back to the community in countless ways. You rely on them, but can they rely on you?”

With Rely Local you can print coupons, find jobs and get connected to other local businesses. As the company says, “Local business is our only business!”

For more information visit or call Schwencke at 860-357-5581.