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Editor’s Note 03-09-2012

This week I had 16 stories I wanted to write. Needless to say I did not get all of them done. There is always next week.

It’s a positive thing when there are a lot of stories to write. It means good things are happening in New Britain.

I’ve had some people tell me this week they were surprised by all the good news we find. There really is a lot out there if you just take the time to look.

One piece of news I was really excited about is that single stream recycling isn’t going to cost the City any money as of July 1. We have a terrific public works director in Mark Moriarty. He always finds ways to save the City money.

The only cost for trash will be what you put in your brown bins. Be sure to sort your trash properly each week. You could be saving yourself some tax dollars in the future.

On page 1 please read about “Ben’s Trading Up”. Even if you have nothing to trade, share the page so others can see it. It is a great way to remember a fine young man. The New Britain High School Marching Band will benefit from this tragedy.

And don’t forget about the newest happenings about our Rose Garden. Both Kate McCue and Bill DeMaio have great additions this year. The Walnut Hill Rose Garden is growing all the time. It’s definitely one of our City’s best attractions.

Did you go to Pulaski High School? A reunion for anyone who attended the school is planned for Sept. Read more about it on page 2.

Also on page 2 is “What’s in a Name”. We concentrated on John Downey Drive. Many of us know how it got its name. A few people, however, may not remember.

This week I went to a Polonia Business Association Happy Hour event. What a nice group of people. As a raffle prize was a signed Whitney Houston back stage pass. This month is a signed photograph of Tom Selleck. Very cool!

I found two things on Facebook I want to share this week. I spend too much time on Facebook in case you can’t tell.

The first is not a Funny Thought, but really made my week. It is “Don’t care what other people think of you. There will always be those who want to see you fail because they can’t succeed.” Isn’t that the truth?

My Funny Thought is “Forgetting what you went into the kitchen to get is one thing but, it’s darn scary when you can’t remember why you went into the bathroom!”

I’m not sure I’ve had that happen to me quite yet.

Until next week, may your memory remain and may you keep reading YOUR #1 Weekly Newspaper!