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50th Pulaski Reunion for All Alumni

The first graduating class in the history of Pulaski High School graduated in 1962. The last class was 1982. In celebrating 50 years since the first class graduated, a special reunion for all graduates, attendees or teachers is being planned for September.

“Last October I was on Facebook and I was looking at the “I Remember New Britain” page and I saw someone from the class of ’62,” said Tom Silverio, organizer. “It clicked that it has been 50 years since the first graduating class.”

Silverio instantly knew he wanted to do something to celebrate that fact.

“I’ve always been the party animal so I made a few phone calls to plan something,” he said. “Now we have 371 names so far of graduates.”

Although it is a lot of work getting this celebration organized there are 17 people on the committee working on it.

There are six classes without representatives, but the search continues.

“As you get farther away from your graduation date, it’s harder to have a reunion, so a lot of places have joined reunions or put a couple classes together,” said Gerry Amodio, who is on the committee. “This event allows people to come from all over. What is kind of neat is that I know people who graduated in the 60s and I graduated in 1975 and I would never see them at one of these. This way they all can come.”

The group is seeking data and hopes graduates will come forward.

“We don’t know where all these people live,” said Amodio. “We need to find emails or addresses.”

The event is planned for Sept. 8 at Falcon Field on Farmington Ave. next to Pulaski from 1-6 p.m. It costs $30 per person and includes barbeque, BYOB, DJ, Raffle Prizes and a 50-50 Raffle.

“The idea is to celebrate 50 years of the school and have 20 graduating classes that people have forgotten,” said Silverio. “Pulaski/New Britain High School was a huge rivalry and even the town was divided. When Pulaski closed all the trophies were thrown in the garbage. One teacher took what he could and put it in a safe.”

The group is looking for two graduates who played in the NFL – Willie Hall of the Oakland Raiders and Tommy Myers of the New Orleans Saints – to attend to the event.

Silverio said the five hours will bring back a lot of good memories.

“It was a good life and a great city,” Silverio said. “It’s great to see the people again and spend time remembering.”

For more information contact Silverio at 860-990-5850 or email him at