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Jubilee Street Was Named after a King!

Once a month, the New Britain City Journal, will take a look at something named in New Britain and find out how it got its name. It could be a street, a building, a park or something else.

It may sound hard to believe, but the name Jubilee Street did not come from the joyous people who lived on the street. Rather it came after a celebration of a King.

King Oscar II ascended the throne of Sweden in 1872 and was widely popular among the Swedish population of residents in New Britain. They had wanted to do something to honor him.

There were some differences in opinions and not everyone was happy naming part of the extension off Dwight Street after the King.

But, once the name Jubilee was thrown out, all seemed to agree.

So why Jubilee?

King Oscar II was attending his 25th Jubilee in 1897 when the street was being named. Being an extremely popular king of those from Sweden and with the consent of other residents it was agreed that this would be a proper way to pay him tribute without using his name.