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Mayor O’Brien Appoints Members to Board of Finance & Taxation

Mayor Timothy O’Brien named seven individuals to the Board of Finance & Taxation. Named to the board were Gerri Brown-Springer (D) as chairman, Jaclyn Falkowski (D), Ben Babij (R ), Kevin Nodell (R ), Marjorie Hacket-Wallace (D), Marlo Grappone (D) and Maria Agramonte-Gomez.

“I have been working hard to choose a Board of Finance and Taxation who have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done, as well as compassion and sense of community to do it in the right way for our city. I am proud to be appointing an excellent team who bring great leadership to a tough job,” said Mayor Timothy O’Brien.

“I know our whole community shares the respect that I have for Gerri Brown-Springer. As an educator and leader in our community, she has improved the lives of countless people in New Britain. I cannot think of anyone I would better suited to lead our city’s very important Finance Board.”

Brown-Springer was Principle of Slade School and is now retired. Jaclyn Falkowski previously served on the Environmental Task Force. She was previously a staff reporter for the Hartford Courant and Press Secretary at the CT General Assembly. She currently serves as Communications Director for the State Democratic Party.

“Jaclyn Falkowski has a sharp mind and a powerful ability to understand complicated issues and make wise and skillful decisions,” O’Brien said.

Kevin Nodell served on the Board under the Stewart Administration and has 20 years of professional service in financial industry.

“Kevin Nodell has years of experience on the Finance Commission. He cares deeply about our city, and I value the knowledge, abilities and experience that he brings to the table,” O’Brien said.

Maria Agramonte-Gomez has leadership experience in numerous non-profits and currently works at the Harriet Beecher Stowe House in Hartford.

“In the many years I have known Maria Agramonte-Gomez, I have seen her deep commitment to making our community a better place and her great ability to get things done,” stated O’Brien.

Marlo Grappone is Director of Planning & Program at the Human Resource Agency (HRA) of New Britain.

“Marlo Grappone works hard to improve the lives of people in our city, and her skillful management at the HRA show that she has the expertise we need leading our city,” O’Brien continued.

Marjorie Hackett-Wallace is an investigative auditor with the State of CT and currently serves on the newly created Financial Review Task Force.

“Marjorie Hackett-Wallace is already showing great leadership as a member of the Financial Review Task Force. Her knowledge and experience will be invaluable in our work to balance the budget and keep taxes down,” O’Brien said.

Ben Babij has been a neighborhood advocate and is active with the North Oak NRZ. “Ben cares deeply about people in our community who are often forgotten by others. His lifetime of experience, strong values and deep compassion are all things that I want represented on the Finance Commission,” O’Brien concluded.