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Pigskin Predictions

I was 3-1 last week and am 166-86 for the year. I knew I should have picked the 49ers. I can’t believe we are down to four teams. Who makes it to the Superbowl?

New England 31, Baltimore 21 – I have to say I am a Patriots fan so it is hard to pick against them. I do, however, believe they will win this game.

The Patriots defense played the best game of the season against Denver. It made Tim Tebow look less than Godly.

Baltimore is good, but the Ravens are not playing its best football right now. Joe Flacco is kind of flat and their victory over Houston was not very impressive.

I expect the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady to come out hot from the start. The game will not be a blow-out, but it will be obvious New England is the better team.

The best chance Baltimore has is keeping the ball on the ground with Ray Rice. I don’t think it will be enough to beat New England in Foxboro.

Indianapolis here comes the Patriots!

San Francisco 28, New York 24 – I did not pick San Francisco last week, but I have to this time. The 49ers defense is dominant. It is the one team offenses like Eli Manning do not want to face.

If the game were played on momentum, I would go New York. It’s hard to pick the 49ers, but I think they are probably the best overall team in football.

The oddsmakers have the 49ers as a 2 ½ point favorite. They deserve to be favored by more.

This game is in San Francisco and home teams are usually favored by 3.

This will be a close game and I have to admit the Giants could win it. Although, I know you Giants fans will be sending me hate mail, I’m sticking with the 49ers.

If the Giants do win, however, it will be a great New York/New England rematch.