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Editor’s Note 12-23-2011

There is no doubt it is winter. Temperatures are getting lower.

I wore my heavy jacket for the first time this winter season on Sunday. I even wore my gloves (an awesome pair from City Luggage in downtown), earmuffs and a hat.

A few more days and you know who will be coming down my chimney. I hope he brings me new winter boots to match my winter outfit. (hint-hint)

In case you do not know, the New Britain City Journal does not come out with an edition between Christmas and New Year’s. We take a week off. We will be back with a new edition on Jan. 6. But, between that time, please check out our website at as we will update it as news happens. Hopefully nothing major happens.

In this edition, I hope you take a chance to read the New Year wishes from our City leaders. Each has a unique perspective and wish. It would be nice to see them all come true.

I have a few wishes myself. I am wishing New Britain sees great revitalization in 2012. It would be nice to see downtown active again.

I wish taxes don’t rise and education is funded well. I wish homelessness ends and dogs are adopted.

I would like to see everyone I know be healthy. I have someone special that is for in my mom. But, I do wish it for everyone.

My final wish is all politicians stop arguing needlessly and instead do the right thing for our City, State and Country.

I believe 2012 will bring great things for all New Britain residents. We are making progress in our growth and the next year will be interesting as usual. I’m still optimistic about the future.

I took a look back at our top 5 events of 2011 starting on page 1. Mother Nature played a big role. Perhaps I should have wished for better weather.

It was a tumultuous 2011. A lot of important decisions were made in New Britain. I expect even more in 2012.

Our 2012 Holiday Tree featuring ornaments from residents, organizations and businesses can be found on page 6. We were delighted to have so many participate. Read them all!

Are you ready for my Funny Thought? I found it on Facebook and although it is not holiday related, it made me giggle.

“Men are always whining that they are being suffocated by women. Personally, I think if you can hear them whining, you are not pressing hard enough on the pillow.”


Until Jan. 6, have a great holiday season and a Happy New Year and keep reading YOUR #1 Weekly Newspaper!