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Editor’s Note 11-25-2011

This week’s paper is very Thanksgiving oriented. The parks and recreation department held a nice Thanksgiving Dinner for members of its after school program. Rev. Rha-Sheen Brown offers a Thanksgiving prayer, our Word Find features words are related to the holiday and there are turkey sandwich recipes.

And that means Christmas is right around the corner. Do not miss Holiday Tree Lighting Tuesday as it kicks off the season.

Also, be sure to read the feature on the Powder Puff football game between New Britain and Southington High Schools. It was quite an event. The nearly 60 New Britain girls worked extremely hard and were wonderful out there. Congratulations to each and every one of you. I met several at their pre-rally celebration at Roma’s Saturday night. You make New Britain proud.

Saturday is “Shop Small Day”. Make sure you shop at a small local store. New Britain has plenty of stores. Buy something in our City. We need to support what we have if we are going to grow.

I hope this week you check out our ads. Some great businesses have advertised and they are excellent places to start your search.

I also hope you read about the hospital’s concierge program. It is truly unique for any hospital in this area. If you know someone in the hospital be sure they use the program. We are lucky to have such a great hospital in our City.

On page 2 we have information on why it is important to “Like” the parks and recreation Facebook page. While you are liking pages remember to “like” the New Britain City Journal as well.

We did not write an article about the fact that the Mayor’s wife Rhona Cohen was arrested for disorderly conduct while attending an Occupy Hartford Protest. But we are not ignoring it. The story was publicized in both daily newspapers. There are some people who think it was great supporting a cause she believes in. There are others who feel it is inappropriate for an elected official’s wife to be arrested for any reason.

We want to know what you think in our latest website poll at A simple “yes” or “no” vote will do. The question is “Do you believe a mayor’s wife should follow her beliefs even if it means being arrested?”

My Funny Thought found on Facebook this week is really one I agree with.

“It’s not seeing a spider that’s scary. It’s when you can no longer see the spider that it’s scary.”

I hate bugs and spiders are one of my least favorites. I need to have someone get rid of them the minute I see one. Ick!

Until next week, keep your eyes open and read YOUR #1 Free Weekly Newspaper!