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Pigskin Predictions

Last week left me at 7-8 with one game to go putting me overall at 87-54. Not as good as I hoped. Let’s see what this week looks like.

The New York Giants play Sunday night at home against Philadelphia. A nice division game. The Giants are playing better than the Eagles and get the nod in this one.

New York 24, Philadelphia 20

The New England Patriots take on Kansas City at home on Monday night. Looks like an easy victory here. Hopefully, the Pats are back on track since beating the Jets.

New England 27, Kansas City 17

Other Picks

Minnesota 21, Oakland 20 – I like the Vikings at home. Oakland keeps it close.

Miami 23, Buffalo 21 – I just can’t help but believe the Bills are not as good as people think. Miami wins three in a row? We’ll see.

Baltimore 20, Cincinnati 17 – Baltimore is at home and has a decisive edge. The Bengals are on the rise though!

Cleveland 24, Jacksonville 18 – Don’t like either team. The Browns are at home so they should win it.

Dallas 28, Washington 14 – Dallas plays well in November. I expect a big win in this division rivalry.

Green Bay 31, Tampa Bay 17 – Can anyone keep up with the Packers? Not yet. Green Bay makes it look easy.

Detroit 27, Carolina 20 – If the Lions can’t win this one, their season is in trouble.

San Francisco 23, Arizona 13 – The 49ers are the only competition the Packers have right now. They win easily.

St. Louis 17, Seattle 14 – One of those who cares games. I always take the home team in these types of games.

Chicago 27, San Diego 19 – The Bears are underrated, while the Chargers are done for the year. Stick a fork in them.

Atlanta 24, Tennessee 16 – Other than a horrible call last week in overtime, the Falcons played well. They are the better team here and should pull this one out.

Thanksgiving Day

Green Bay 30, Detroit 28 – I so want to pick Detroit, but the Packers are so much better. A fun morning game where anything is possible.

Dallas 35, Miami 14 – Not a great afternoon game, unless you are a Cowboys fan. Da Boys Roll!

San Francisco 20, Baltimore 17 – This could be a really interesting game. The 49ers are good, but so is Baltimore. I’ll stick with the team by the bay.