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Editor’s Note 11-18-2011

The election is over and it feels different having a new mayor. The inauguration at New Britain High School was grand. I look forward to working with the new administration.

I was fortunate enough to get the first interview of Mayor Tim O’Brien in his new City Hall office on Tuesday. He looked good in his new chair. It seemed to fit him.

It was odd not to see former Mayor Tim Stewart. It was nice, however, to see him congratulated for his 8 years of service at the inauguration. Stewart did a lot for this City.

If you were at the inauguration I am sure you did not miss the passionate prayer by new Alderman Rev. Rha-Sheen Brown. I was ready to go fight for my country after he spoke. He will certainly make council meetings interesting.

It’s a new time and a fresh start. The New Britain City Journal is excited about the future.

In the past week our Facebook group has become the place to be. Just look for New Britain City Journal and join. We have had some great conversations. Just remember its purpose is not to harass anyone – just voice opinions. If you use profanity you will be removed.

Every once in a while we have news that just can’t wait until the Friday paper. This week we posted a story on the opening of the new restaurant on Main St. on our website on Monday night. This was such good news that I wanted to get it out right away. It’s another reason to visit regularly.

We don’t have a poll question yet, because I haven’t thought up a good one. Keep watching, I’m sure a good one will arise.

This week our paper is full of news. Some weeks are like that. Don’t miss the Veteran’s Day Ceremony or The Sports Journal or Leisure or recipes. There is something for all.

I hope you like the Wordfinder this week. We like to keep it local. This week it is to find the last names of New Britain High School senior football players.

And check out Local Business. The Whinstone Tavern will be open all winter with great new events.

I’ve been hearing from readers that you enjoy my funny thought each week. Some are better than others. Here is one I found this week in Facebook.

“Have you ever wondered who loves you more, your dog or spouse? Lock them both in your car trunk and drive around for an hour and see which one is glad to see you when you open the trunk?”

Yep, one will still love you and one will want to wring your neck.

Until next week, don’t get locked in the trunk of your car and keep reading YOUR #1 Weekly Newspaper!