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Proper Dog Training Takes Plenty of Time

Training your dog takes time. It cannot be done in seven days.

That is just one of the tips Laurie Fass, dog trainer and talk show host of Pet Talk on WTIC radio, tells her students.

Fass trains dogs for residents in programs from the New Britain Parks and Recreation Department in the Spring and Fall.

“When I first started I only did it privately as I found it easier to do one on one,” said Fass. “There was more time to communicate and it was especially good for dogs with problems.”

Over the years, Fass found some benefits towards training dogs in groups. If dogs had problems in group situations, it was a good way to stop that behavior.

“People want to be able to control their dog when there are distractions,” said Fass. “Being in a group can be a good thing. I really teach people the skills they need to know to train their own dog.”

“I signed Dylan up for the dog obedience classes through the Parks and Recreation Department last fall,” said Monica Hermanowski-DeFronzo. “Before signing up for the class, Dylan was a very rambunctious three year old Labrador. He was often walking me and my husband instead of us walking him. We were worried that he was already too old to learn dog obedience since we didn’t train him as a puppy, but we were pleasantly surprised. Once the classes began Dylan’s behavior improved quickly.”

Hermanowski-DeFronzo said Fass gave a lot of tips and information and through what they learned the dog continued to get information as they trained him

“Through these classes and reinforcement at home Dylan learned to walk on a leash, heel, stay, and come on command,” said Hermanowski-DeFronzo. “I found the classes and instructor very helpful and affordable. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to teach their dog basic obedience.”

There are two levels of courses – Level one and Level two. Level two can be taken several times.

“I had a dog in level two, three times. People who came to the course marveled over how well behaved he was,” said Fass. “Dogs like that need a lot of training. It takes commitment and time.”

More information on Fass is available at To find out more about registering for classes call 860-826-3360.