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Mayoral Views – Mark Bernacki (R)

The New Britain City Journal is asking candidates for Mayor questions every three weeks related to the City. It is our hope this will give residents time to understand their views and make a proper choice for mayor. The question posed to candidates this week was “What do you see as future of New Britain and how do you plan on getting there??” The following candidates responded to our question.

I have been a lifelong resident of New Britain. My roots run deep in New Britain. My family located here because of what New Britain had to offer – freedom and prosperity. We had an economy that was second to none. We made everything and people were given the knowledge and skills to prosper.

New Britain has a rich past of hard working citizens with strong family values.  My wife, Maria, and I are part of this strong tradition. Like many things in life we have made numerous choices. My parents were adamant their four sons attend college. I graduated from Central Connecticut State University and furthered my education with an MBA from the University of Hartford. While many classmates decided to move out of New Britain we built our home here and started and raised our family here. When we decided to risk our hard earned savings to start a franchise business we were told Hartford was the place to make a living. Because we believed in our hometown we located our business in downtown New Britain.

My family has lived the American dream in New Britain Connecticut and I firmly believe our City offers the same opportunities for others.

New Britain was founded by smart, innovative people that took financial risks. They lived where they worked and they raised their family here. New Britain welcomed these risk takers with open arms. Unfortunately I see a less friendly political atmosphere in New Britain and Connecticut. Certain politicians feel it important to demonize the entrepreneurial spirit that made New Britain and our state the envy of America.

In the last few years some on the City Council have rejected business proposals that would have brought tens of millions of dollars of commercial development into New Britain bringing jobs, construction jobs and a growing business tax base. We need to rekindle the entrepreneurial spirit and allow the next generation of entrepreneurs to realize their dreams in New Britain Connecticut.

Through responsible conservative leadership New Britain has been able to keep taxes stable over the last 8 years. This while the state and federal government have increased taxes and reduced municipal aid.  We were also able to better our bond rating twice. Businesses need capital, customers and a community that welcomes and supports them.

We need to be a business friendly community where we welcome people that have that entrepreneurial spirit. Thank people for recognizing that New Britain is the place where you can also realize your dreams; a dream of starting a life here, a place where you can go to college, a place where you can start and raise a family, a place where you can start and succeed in a business.

People are tired of career politicians that continue to put petty party politics over the good of our City and are yearning for true New Britain based leadership.

With a lifetime of New Britain experience and the kind of responsible leadership that I can bring to the Mayor’s Office New Britain can continue to grow economically and we can encourage the traditions of hard work and strong family values.