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Editor’s Note 10-7-2011

What do you have that should be in the New Britain City Journal? We are always looking for a news story, column ideas, photographs or any interesting news items. I bet there are a lot of you out there who have a great idea for us. Many of you probably have a vintage photograph that would be great in the paper. Others may have a skill that would make a great column in our paper. Why not let us know what you have to offer?

Every week we look to add something new and so far ideas and submissions from residents have been terrific. Nobody knows New Britain like our residents.

Send your information to

I get so excited as people give me input. Our reader base is growing and I’m loving it. We truly offer the best of New Britain news.

As usual, a lot has happened in our City this past week. How many of you have taken advantage of all the great programs at our health center? I bet not enough. Well, the New Britain Health District is moving to Prospect St. If you haven’t been to the old building on Hawkins St., why not go to this one. You can get free flu shots and a lot of information and other services. See page 1 for more.

I have been writing for several months about the new streetscape project coming to the City. Everyone wants to see New Britain’s center like it was 50 years ago. This new program hopes for the same thing. Their plan is to make downtown more people friendly. Hopefully, that will increase business as well. All the new improvements can be done thanks to grants from the new Busway Project. There will be several meetings on tap, so take the time to go to one and tell them what you want to see. Read about it on page 1.

We have a lot about candidates in this week’s edition. Those candidates that chose to submit bios are found on pages 6-7. Mayoral Views is on page 8. Next week, more bios are planned.

Of course The Sports Journal is on pages 9-10. So far, this has been a great success.

You never know what news we have, so be sure to get a copy every week. You can also see some stories from our paper at our website at Answer our poll question while you are there.

My Funny Thought from Facebook this week is kind of cute.

“Dear Week, I no longer like you and I am leaving you for Weekend. I would say that it’s not you. It’s me. But no, it was definitely you.”

I definitely like Weekend better than Week.

Until next week, send us your news and keep reading YOUR #1 Weekly Newspaper!