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Soon Residents Can Pay Taxes Via Credit Card

The City is adopting a new policy to allow residents to pay taxes through their credit card.

Invoice Cloud of Braintree, Mass is now the firm in charge of collection services.

“This is so our citizens can utilize the Internet to pay taxes and the new company that we have selected has a lot of other ancillary services,” said Bob Curry finance director.

The new company allows citizens to print it out at home, check it out on the Internet, bills can be emailed and bills can be paid through a credit card.

“A lot of people have called the office and asked to pay by phone as they are not computer literate,” said Cheryl Blogoslowski, tax collector. “With this new software and this new provider they will be able to call us or go on the website to pay their bill.”

The service is fee based for customers. The City itself does not pay any fees for the service.

“The fees are higher than the service we now offer, but they are not higher than surrounding cities like Bristol. These rates are lower,” said Blogoslowski. “The City does not pay anything for this service.”

Credit card processing fees will be 2.95 percent of the total charge. Debit card processing fees for the total amount will also be 2.95 percent and E-checks will cost residents 95 cents.

“The additional services that they will provide for people will offset the costs,” said Alderman Michael Trueworthy.

Curry said most people use E-checks and very few use debit cards because people are limited.

In the future, the service will be expanded to include water bills, parking tickets and permits.

The firm was chosen based on its background, experience, client references, competitiveness of fees and ancillary services such as bill reprinting.