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Organizing Takes Every Family Member

Dear LesIsMore:

How do you make time to organize with two little ones at home and a full time job?


Dear Anne:

Teach your children to pick up after themselves and to keep their room tidy. If you get your children involved they might not have problems with clutter as they grow older. Make this part of their chores and give them a special treat for doing it well. Also, when you bring something into the home, take something out. There is just so much space in a home and if you need to “let go” of items-then let them go.

Have an Organized Day!

Dear Les Is More

My pressing problem is how to hide mail clutter. I’ve tried different tactics but it always end up on my kitchen table in a mess!


Dear Dawn

Why are you trying to hide it? Buy a shredder and shred it. You need to go through the mail every day and sort it. If you are into piles- get some baskets and label them into “bills”, “magazines” and “newspapers.” Give every member of the family their own basket and sort the mail that way. Set it up in a corner of the kitchen or another room and you will never have a kitchen table that is a mess again.

Have an Organized Day.

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