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Editor’s Note 8/12/2011

We have worked our way from Number 800 to Number 116 in the favorite park in America poll. In order for Willow Brook Park to win $100,000 and be named Favorite Park in America, more votes are needed.

Vote now at It would be great to see New Britain win two contests in one year. If you have Facebook, share the link and encourage City residents to vote. The money would go towards more improvements to our park. Get involved.

That sounded like an ad, but it really can be a good thing for the City.

How are all of you holding out with the humidity? It’s not as hot as last year, but sure is more humid. I find myself drinking an awful lot of ice coffee.

This week was full of City meetings. We were very lucky that only two teachers needed to be laid off. The teacher’s union did a fantastic job this year with concessions. Thank a teacher not only for the good work they do, but for putting our kids first in every way. I think when all is said and done, no teachers will be laid off. The City administrators are still seeking grants to keep all our programs and positions in tact. Let’s hope we are just as lucky next year.

Our CMT/CAPT scores were not so good. We are showing improvement, but it is difficult to make large progress with so many transient and non-English speaking families. A new plan is being put into place this year to help those scores.

Before Dr. Doris Kurtz left she told me she did not get scores up as people hoped, but she improved the college and career readiness of these students. And that was a big step.

A big “Congratulations” goes to Jim Sanders Jr. for the progress he has made with The Chamberlain Square Business Center. That property could have just sat there as a vacant eyesore on East St. Instead, it is a thriving business that improves the East Side of the City. Read story on page 1.

If you like to eat healthy this week we have some recipes using grains on page 9. A lot of health conscious people should enjoy these.

I found two funny thoughts I can’t help passing along this week. Both were found on Facebook.

Number one is “Get robbed on the street by a stranger and its called mugging; Get robbed by the government and its called taxes.”

That’s more of a truth than a funny thought. LOL. My second one is,

“Some people are like Slinky’s….pointless, but amusing to watch once you push them down the stairs.”

Now that is more of a ha-ha.

Until next week, stay off the stairs if you are a slinky and instead read YOUR #1 Weekly Newspaper!