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Sen Gerratana: Home Solar Panels More Affordable

State Senator Terry Gerratana (D-New Britain) has outlined how newly-effective legislation will make rooftop solar panel systems more affordable for homeowners. She spoke about the program at a home on Corbin Avenue where local solar system designer PV2 (“PV Squared”) has installed 36 photovoltaic solar panels.

“It’s like a Prius for your home,” Sen. Gerratana said about the solar panels as she outlined the solar investment aspects of the new energy bill, and how such an investment can help save on monthly energy bills, reduce pollution and benefit local manufacturers. “This bill presents great opportunities for manufacturers to get into the green energy market. It’s good for the environment, its good for manufacturing, it’s good for the economy – it’s where we have to go.”

“It’s a marvelous piece of well thought-out legislation,” PV Squared General Manager Bill Stillinger said. “What we in the business need more than anything is reliability and stability in the marketplace, and that’s where Connecticut has faltered in the past. But now, thanks to Senator Gerratana and the legislature, we’re going to have that stability.”

“I just think it’s the right thing to do,” homeowner Richard Ciervo said about the solar panel investment he made two years ago. “Local power generation at the source where it is used seems to me to be the way to go. I like the fact than when it’s 98 degrees outside I can turn on my air conditioning and not feel guilty about burning coal or natural gas to cool my home. And I just think it’s cool – it’s a great use of unused space.”

Sweeping energy policy reform was passed on a bipartisan and nearly unanimous basis by the legislature this year, aiming to lower energy costs for Connecticut homeowners and businesses in a variety of ways, including through the promotion of solar energy.