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Democrats Choose O’Brien for Mayor

Mayoral Democratic Primary Appears Imminent

Although four Democratic candidates for mayor stepped forward, the party chose one in Tim O’Brien, Tuesday during its endorsement meeting.

“There are a lot of things we need to get done in our City,” said O’Brien. “This is the beginning of the new beginning of whatever our future is.”

He said as a Democrat it is important to talk to residents.

“As a Democratic Party, we need to say there is another way,” said O’Brien. “We can have a City Hall that brings people together. We need leadership that doesn’t just talk about having people on the same page, but practices it.”

In Nominating O’Brien Robert Sanchez said, “Tim is a reliable person. I know Tim O’Brien will do the best for the City of New Britain and its future.”

But, O’Brien was not the lone candidate for the position.

Alderman David DeFronzo nominated Paul Catanzaro.

“There is nobody with a bigger heart and who is more committed to the people of New Britain than Paul,” said DeFronzo. “Paul brings a unique combination of skills to the table.”

O’Brien won the nomination by a 34-6 vote.

Catanzaro said he does plan to send the vote to a primary.

“We are all geared up to get signatures and bring it to the people in September,” said Catanzaro.

Lucian Pawlak said he has no intention of entering into a primary. He instead will run as a petitioning candidate in November.

Barbara Kirejczyk also made her intentions to run for mayor as a Democrat, but did not attend the endorsement meeting.

Peter Kochol of the nomination committee said the committee met with all candidates.

“From all the candidates there was the need to inject the City with more democratic principles and bring people together,” said Kochol. “And have a better process. Not this top down secretive bullying approach we’ve had for too many years now.”

“There is talent and commitment in the room to take New Britain to a better place,” said John McNamara, Democratic Town Chairman.

Also nominated were Todd Szabo for tax collector; Teresa Sapieha Yanchak for treasurer; Suzanne Bielinski, Rev. Rashid Brown, David DeFronzo, Eva Magnuszewski and Michael Trueworthy for alderman at large.

In Ward 1 Duane Hintson and Nancy Giannini were nominated. Ward 2 had Tonilynn Collins and Adam Platosz. Nominated for Ward 3 was Shirley Black and Emmanuel Sanchez. In Ward 4 it was Tobias Freeman and Larry Hermanowski. Ward 5 had incumbents Carlo Carlozzi Jr. and Roy Centeno.

Running for Board of Education will be Aram Ayalon, Carlos Pina Jr. and Nicole Sanders. Board of Assessment Appeals will be Robert Wysocki and Elrick George. Constables running are Plummer Carroll, Rose “Sue” Hodge, James Rathbun and Peter Spano.

“I hope that with a new mayor and a good mix of people who have been on the council and newcomers we will see a change in city government,” said Trueworthy. “I hope to see some better ideas overall and better cooperation between the council and the mayor’s office.”

“I would like to see our grand list grow so we have more businesses that can lower our taxes,” said Magnuszewski. “I would like so see the town council and mayor’s office have better communication and we are kept in the loop so we don’t have to read about it in the newspaper.”

“There are a lot of critical issues in the city at this time and I feel I can make these critical decisions on a fair basis by listening to the merits of the issues before us,” said Carlozzi Jr.