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Mayoral Views – Former Mayor Lucian Pawlak (D)

The New Britain City Journal is asking candidates for Mayor questions every three weeks related to the City. It is our hope this will give residents time to understand their views and make a proper choice for mayor. The question posed to candidates this week was “Why Should Residents Vote for You?” The following candidates responded to our question.

In 1995 at the end of my first inaugural address I declared New Britain to be the home of the American dream. I was positive then and I am positive now that with my leadership the quality of life of all the residents of this great city will improve.

The experience I gained during my eight years as Mayor (1995-2003) goes hand in hand with the proven leadership I demonstrated during those years. Years that are distinguished by the number of difficulties that were addressed, confronted and resolved. I’d like to list some of the accomplishments of my administration.

I worked hard to bring three of New Britain’s top ten tax payers to the City.

The $106,000,000 dollar Police and Fire Pension Fund liability was turned into an asset.

A state of the art water treatment plant was built.

Nearly 200 blighted buildings were demolished along with the Fafnir complex.

Land was purchased on South Street and Booth and Curtis Streets to make available land for future economic growth. Transfer of the Pinnacle Heights Housing Project to a non housing use was approved by the state.

A new charter, an affirmative action plan, the elimination of City welfare, consolidation of departments, a profitable parking program, major street reconstruction projects, a vision of a Willow Street park and Urban Oaks Organic Farm are some other examples of accomplishments achieved during my eight as your Mayor. And yes, the Gates building is no longer the home of rats, mice and pigeons.

There’s also the Sister City Park, courthouse and parking garage at Franklin Square, all were built during my administration. And we put the shine back on Winged Victory.

Gangs that controlled some of our neighborhoods during the early nineties are no longer in control of those areas. My administration made streets and parks safe and people began to feel better about their hometown. People began to take pride in this great city. Schools improvement projects were a priority and so was fair funding for those schools.

And now in 2011much has changed our elected officials have distinguished themselves by playing the political partisan game, finger pointing, bickering, throwing accusations of unethical conduct back and forth and passing budgets based on speculative revenue that will lead the city down a path of financial disaster. The residents, taxpayers and electors of this great city deserve better.

For me it has always been about leadership and the ability to have a vision for the future of our city and being able to gain support for that vision from all the stakeholders who care about this great hometown of ours.

I will use my experience and leadership to make New Britain a center for the medical arts, a center for education, manufacturing and sports and entertainment.

I will use my leadership and experience to make New Britain a healthier and wealthier place to live. And together we will make New Britain an upscale city that welcomes businesses and appreciates every job that results from entrepreneurship.

And then we will once again be able to proudly tell anyone who asks where we’re from, that we’re from New Britain, Connecticut “the home of the American dream”.