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Mayoral Views – Alderman Mark Bernacki (R)

The New Britain City Journal is asking candidates for Mayor questions every three weeks related to the City. It is our hope this will give residents time to understand their views and make a proper choice for mayor. The question posed to candidates this week was “Why Should Residents Vote for You?” The following candidates responded to our question.

I have the experience, education, training, drive and temperament to lead New Britain as its Mayor. I was born and raised in New Britain. I graduated from New Britain High School, CCSU and I received my MBA from the University of Hartford.

My wife Maria and I built our home here, and we raised and educated our children here because we value what New Britain has to offer.

I have been a downtown New Britain small business owner for 22 years. I have had to grow sales, make payroll and manage costs all in an effort to provide a living for my family, my employees and their families. Our business survived three recessions. I am a conservative that believes in the free market system and believe it is the role of business not government to grow our economy and provide good paying jobs.

But I don’t think private enterprise has all the answers. Sometimes people need a hand up, and we must support each other.

That’s why I brought a non profit charity called Warm the Children to New Britain. It provides needy children with warm winter clothing. We are one of the nation’s largest chapters and have provided clothing for almost 5,000 children.

While I am an advocate for business, I only advocate for businesses and organizations that will benefit our community and our state.

I have been a volunteer leader in many school, civic, professional and sports organizations for almost 30 years. I served as an alderman for nine terms and held several leadership positions on the city council including eight years as Mayor Pro Tempore.

I believe in New Britain, our people, our neighborhoods, our organizations and our businesses. I believe in our future.

And I ask you all to believe in me.

As a business owner and a family man, I understand how hard it is to make ends meet. Our dollars are not going as far as they used to. We’re all hurting; we’re all doing more with less.

As mayor, I would make sure that our city government efficiently spends your tax dollars.

As mayor, my primary concern will be the creation of private sector jobs, grow our grand list and control spending to make sure that your taxes aren’t increased at this time when you need your money the most. To grow our economy, consumers need more money to spend not less.

I will ensure that we have safe and clean streets and neighborhoods and that there is sufficient funding for education.

You should listen and decide what direction you want our city to take, and which candidate is best suited to take you there. After all, it is New Britain’s future and your future that this election is about.

While New Britain has grown our future is on the line. We’ve attracted new businesses and jobs mostly because we’ve had the pro growth leadership this city needs and deserves. We need a leader who will keep that momentum alive. This is not a time to change direction.