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Editor’s Note 6/24/2011

We are so excited this week to begin our Mayoral Views on page 6. This year’s election is an important one and we want you to be informed. Three candidates agreed to answer our first question. If you have a question you want to see them answer about the City, email it to Another question will be asked in three weeks.

If you have gone to our website, I sure hope you answered our poll question. It is “Which City event do you look most forward to?” So far the Memorial Day Parade is winning with over 57 percent. The Fourth of July celebration is second. To cast your vote go to And don’t miss other great features on the page including the lowest gas prices in the City. News also, changes almost daily so visit it often.

Did you get to the Klingberg Car Show last Saturday? See page 7 for great photos.

The community came together again recently as City municipal employees donated $500 so seniors can get fans. What a great group that represents City employees. We should be thankful they are so generous. Read about it on page 1.

It appears we will have fireworks so lets starting praying for good weather on July 4th. See page 1.

Another fun event is happening June 29. A big rededication celebration is planned at Walnut Hill Park. Don’t the new fields look great? Also, don’t miss the Rose Garden at the top of the hill.

Weight training is a great way to stay healthy all your life. Read more about on our City Health page 5. On that same page is great information about our hospital. The hospital is constantly getting excellence awards. Hurray!

Our Entertainment Correspondent Lawrence James Kellum was on the scene at the NBMAA Juneteenth Celebration last week. He tells us all the juicy details on page 8.

There is nothing like ice cream in the summertime. I could eat it all year round, but it is best in hot weather. Find some new recipes using the desert on page 9 including deep fried ice cream.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join the New Britain City Journal Group on Facebook. We like to put new news out on that page as well. We even have a twitter account so join us to keep abreast of New Britain news.

It’s time for my Funny Thought of the week found on Facebook. This one made me giggle.

“A man asked a genie to make him desirable & irresistible to all women. So she turned him into a credit card.”

I hope it makes you chuckle as well.

Until next week, keep cool and keep reading YOUR #1 Free Weekly Newspaper!