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Employees Donate Fans for Seniors

Each year the New Britain TRIAD seeks fans for low income seniors in need of some relief from the heat. The groups began asking for fans early this year as the weather was warm. No one donated fans for several weeks and Officer Carol Zesut was getting worried.

But last week The New Britain Municipal Employees Community Service Association (NB-CSA) donated $500 just in time for the next heat wave.

“People had been calling in for fans and I kept their names,” said Zesut. “We had put out press releases and we received no responses for the fans.”

The group heard about the problem and made their generous donation.

“TRIAD is one of our favorite community groups because they help the seniors and the children,” said Barbara Yezierski, chair of the gifts committee. “One of our members heard about the need and we had a meeting shortly afterwards and decided to make the donation.”

The NB-CSA, which collects money from paychecks of town employees, has donated to a variety of TRIAD events from the senior prom to the pancake breakfast, but this is the first time it donated money towards fans.

This year it also plans to donate about $250 towards the New Britain Fireworks celebration.

“We are just thrilled that someone came through and can help our seniors,” said Zesut. “We can’t do air conditioners for seniors, but hopefully this will offer a bit of relief.”

The fans will be at the senior center at no charge. Those who requested them will get them first and more will be available for those in need throughout the summer.

“We hope to purchase them next week,” added Zesut. “We are so lucky to get so much support from the community in the city. I want to thank the NB-CSA as they always seem to come through for us. They are very kind and generous.”