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City Wins Liberty Fireworks Contest

Festivities Scheduled for July 4th

New Britain took another step towards making this year’s fireworks celebration as sparkling as ever.

On Wednesday it was announced New Britain won $10,000 from the Liberty Mutual Announces Bring Back the 4th Contest.

“I was absolutely speechless when I received the news this morning,” said Mayor Timothy Stewart Wednesday. “Although this was a long shot, I am not surprised as I know that when asked to respond to a need, the New Britain community always comes forward and pitches in to make positive things happen.”

Last week the American Saving Foundation announced it was giving the City $25,000 for a challenge grant to help ensure the fireworks would occur.

“I want to thank all the residents who went online and voted,” said Carlo Carlozzi, who is a Liberty Mutual representative and a New Britain Alderman. “I think this is a testament to the desire of the people in New Britain to continuing a long standing tradition. When city’s rally behind something, nothing is impossible.”

Carlozzi added that as of June 8, the City was not having fireworks and “now the fireworks celebration will be phenomenal.”

The New Britain City Journal first reported the contest on May 13. Other medium sized city contest winners included Bozeman, Montana and Wilmington, Mass.

Harry Mazadoorian, chairman of the American Saving Foundation said, “our board of directors believes in New Britain. Times are tough, but the annual fireworks display is a celebration of the City’s traditions, as well as its promise for the future.”

David Davison, president and CEO of the American Savings Foundation reported on the progress of the challenge grant efforts to date.

“This has been an amazing outpouring of community spirit and generosity,” said Davison. “From companies such as Acme Monaco and Farmington Savings Bank who each have donated $5,000, to individuals walking into the Foundation office with small contributions, everyone is doing their part to keep this important tradition alive in New Britain.”

Stewart also received word of a third $5,000 donation.

“The Board of the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain voted yesterday to add their support to this effort with a $5,000 contribution. The Community Foundation has always been there to help in times of need, and this time is no exception as they respond to help keep our community spirit up during difficult economic times by keeping our 4th of July celebration intact.”

The present total is $50,490.

The annual event at Stanley Quarter Park typically attracts 30,000 people. City officials estimated that costs for the fireworks and necessary employees to staff the event would be around $50,000.

Festivities will begin at 6 p.m. on July 4th with a band and other activities at Stanley Quarter Park Fireworks will begin after dark at approximately 9:15 pm.