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Editor’s Note 6/17/2011

Is it just me or does there seem to be a lot of news happening this week? I’m sure I’m not the only one who wishes there was more hours in the day.

This week our edition is jam packed with as much news as I could fit. At least people can’t say nothing is happening in New Britain.

Costco continues to be a hot topic. Everyone in the City seems to have a strong opinion on it. A new petition has been developed to try to let the facts come out before making a decision. Read more on page 1. I can honestly say, I am still undecided on the issue.

A new transfer station will be opening soon. This will be an interesting new addition to the City. A lot of items can be recycled and re-used. That is always a plus.

I’m excited about two upcoming events. The Klingberg Vintage Motorcar Festival is Saturday and the Pope John Paul II Bazaar begins next week. The summertime is so nice when there are fun events happening. Be sure to attend both.

Dog licenses are due by June 30. Get yours done before you face a fine. Read more on page 3.

We also have several great columns this week from Leslie Jacobs to Chris Montes. Learn everything from tag sale organizing to information on the Juvenile Review Board.

And yet more is happening in our arts. Read our Leisure section on pages 10-12 for more on “Tommy”, “Rough Crossing”, an NBMAA lecture and grilling recipes.

Did you notice Miss Washington Diner has a new owner? Somehow people thought CJ’s Luncheonette had a new owner. It does not. It is under the same fine management. It looks like we have two great places for breakfast and lunch.

And speaking of restaurants, check out our business feature on Criollisimo this week on page 8. It serves authentic Puerto Rican food. I had some and thought it was terrific.

Trinity on Main lost a few valuable employees this week. It is hard to see them go. Read the story also on page 8.

There seems to be so much to read this week I cannot mention it all so you are free to browse.

My funny thought found on Facebook this week is, “I think everyone should have a 6 month paid vacation, twice a year!!”

Personally, I would be happy with a week vacation twice a year.

Until next week, enjoy all the activities in the City and keep reading YOUR #1 Free Weekly Newspaper. Although we are free on news stands, if you wish to have the paper delivered be sure to sign-up for a subscription and we will bring the paper to your door each week at a low delivery cost.