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Let’s Get the Facts on Costco

This week the New Britain Republican Town Committee started a petition to let the Costco project move forward before making a final decision on the project.

Many have the perception that the petition favors the project. Maybe, it is meant to, but what the petition really calls for is further discussion.

Some facts have been released, but we need to hear more before making a proper decision.

The council has done the right thing by approving a zone change and allowing additional dialogue.

Many questions surrounding the project have come out. These answers need to be made public.

For instance, people continually ask why Costco cannot move to another empty site in the City. The answer is that they want to be where the action is. The area around the mall is the only location Costco is interested in.

What would happen to the golf course needs further discussion. One option has been released, but it does not appear to be a perfect fit. More options need to be looked into before accepting a change.

The City needs to know how much wildlife would really be lost. Can animals and plant life be saved?

In order for Costco to come, new road reconstruction needs to take place. Did you know Costco has agreed to pay for those costs? It will not fall to residents.

Costco will pay about $475,000 in taxes a year. They are not asking for any tax breaks.

Costco estimates over 200 new jobs and it may agree to make hiring New Britain residents a priority.

It’s hard to not take these additional budget tax funds and new jobs for our residents. New Britain desperately needs both.

On the other hand, losing parklands cannot be replaced. If Costco fails and moves out of the City, the last thing we need is another empty building.

Most New Britain residents do not want to see the quality of our parks change. It is always sad to lose something we value. But we need to weigh the pros and cons.

To make a proper decision, more talk and facts from both sides of the issue need to come forward.

Only time and proper discussion will lead the City into making an educated decision.