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Viewing Colors and Emotions at Polish Society of Artists Exhibit

One of the Polish Society of Artists’ latest exhibits took place recently at the Sloper Wesoly House featuring the exquisite works of Zbigniew Sokolowski of New Britain and Sylvia Sarzynska of Hartford. The exhibit was largely attended and viewers enjoyed mingling and browsing through several rooms filled with both artists’ compositions.

Sokolowski has been with the Polish Society of Artists (a group under the auspices of the Polish American Foundation of CT) since the group’s inception in 2005. Painting, however, has been with him far longer than that. Born in Lodz, Poland, he completed the Henryk Cendrowski School of Painting in 1981.

“Painting is a tremendous part of my life. My life experiences have inspired each of my portraits,” he said.

For many years Sokolowski was associated with the clothing industry. It was his searching period when painting achievements expressed contemporary esthetic distractions and dilemmas as well as an approach toward his feelings. Upon arriving in the U.S. in 1999, his personality changed entirely. Feelings of loneliness and a spiritual loss resulted in his transformation, but at the same time, he picked up a new wave in his painting. Color and shadows took over. He adapted cubism by creating collages using natural leaves from plants in combination with acrylics. Each of his varying deep emotions forced him to create. His art expresses his everyday encounters. To him, art is life’s emotions, such as friendship, love, touching reality through nature, breathing fully. Fascinated by nature, his collages with leaves and acrylics are an attempt to give the viewer a feeling of wind blowing, time passing.

During this exhibit, some of Sokolowski’s works were nude portraits without facial features. “We never really know a person to the end; that’s why they are faceless,” he said. “We think we know the full person but what do we really know?”

All of Sokolowski’s works are original creations. “I don’t copy anything,” he said. “Life gives me so many ideas. What I perceive of it is what I put upon my canvas.”

Sarzynska, also born in Poland, recently moved to Hartford to be closer to various art venues. She paints large abstracts as well as large works of colorful flowers. Seeing her canvas is like finding oneself within a wonderful, colorful place of brightness and joy, vivid expressions of nature and emotion.

“I see things very visually,” Sarzynska said. “I love painting – I’m in another world, a very pleasant place, when I’m painting. It makes me happy. Painting flowers involves what I like – color, shape and movement.”

“Her art expresses a lot of emotion and is really great to view and think about,” said Bob Farace of Clinton, as he viewed some of Sarzynska’s abstracts.

Both artists have exhibited their work in a variety of places. Sokolowski exhibited in Poland, Germany, Great Britain, France, Austria, Italy, Canada and the U.S., while Sarzynska has exhibited more on the local front such as a group exhibit at the Andrews Memorial Town Hall in Clinton where she was awarded the Wall Street Gallery Prize; a solo exhibition at the Russell Library in Middletown, and the Art League of Newington where she won “Best in Show” during both 2006 and 2007.

For further information regarding their works of art, please contact: Zbigniew Sokolowski at and Sylvia Sarzynska at