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Arts MiniMarket Planned at DOWNTOWN GALLERY

New Britain’s Downtown Gallery at 66 West Main Street has hosted 25 exhibitions and featured works by over 50 artists. The shows have been seen by thousands of visitors and many works have been sold. As a fundraiser for the Alliance and the artists, the Greater New Britain Arts Alliance will host its first weekend “Arts MiniMarket” in the Downtown Gallery featuring artists whose work has sold strongly in the Downtown Gallery and elsewhere in New Britain.

The first of what is planned as an occasional fundraiser will be open for business Friday, June 10, and Saturday, June 11, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., and Sunday, June 12, from Noon to 4 p.m. While works of art, understandably, can cost significantly more than equivalent manufactured goods, as local art-lover Barbara Canzonetti recently put it, “Art repays many time over what it costs. It continues to bring pleasure long after something ordinary gets tossed in the trash.”

The work of Harriett Cianci, featured in the Arts MiniMarket, is a case in point. Her fascinating icons and lovely decorated boxes opened the Downtown Gallery’s new space on the first floor of the Artists’ Co-Op building in August of last year. Fully half of her work in that show was sold on the opening night. Her work was a very obvious choice for the Market as it is both appealing and affordable.

John Parkins is another artist in the Arts MiniMarket with popular, appealing and affordable creations. Parkins’ recycles copper and hammers it into remarkable pendants, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. While Parkins jewelry is especially popular with women looking for distinctive adornments, much of it is suitable for either gender. His work is very strong and simple and can appeal equally to masculine and feminine sensibilities.

Also offering jewelry in the first Arts MiniMarket are Linda Sturtevant and Anna Murfin. Sturtevant is known from her involvement with the Art League of New Britain where she has taught jewelry crafting. Murfin is a recent immigrant to the United States from England and a member of the New Britain Artists’ Co-Op. Ray Currier, also a member of the New Britain Artists’ Co-Op and recently married to Murfin, will be showing a selection of his digitally altered photographs.

Also showing in the Arts MiniMarket will be the very popular work of Clymenza Hawkins. Hawkins is adept at exploring feminine sensibilities. She will have a selection of her photo montage prints, but has also struck out in a new direction. She’s calling it “haiku glass.” She takes recycled bottles and adorns them with haiku labels and images of nature, also utilizing polished stones, beads and crystals.

Paul Gobell will be showing examples of his prints, ceramics, and jewelry. Gobell has been very active with the Art League of New Britain and currently is part of the Artists’ Co-Op in Middletown. Other artists will be featured in the show as well.

Admission to the Arts MiniMarket is free. Browsers are welcome. Refreshments will be served.