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Editor’s Note 5/27/2011

On Monday at 6 p.m. is the Memorial Day Parade. This year I would love to see the attendance high. I was there last year and was disappointed. As a youngster in New Britain the Memorial Day Parade was one of the highlights of the year.

It is good, clean fun and features music from such bands as our own New Britain High School Marching Band.

This year it is especially important because it may be the last one for a while. The 2011-12 budget does not call for a parade next year. There just isn’t enough funds.

If you feel the parade is important, attend it and show the City how much you care.

This year, the parade promises to be bigger and better than ever.

I know you will find me with my chair in the front row. I hope to see you there too. Read all the details starting on page 1.

The Commission on Aging is looking to build an atrium in the senior center. Read page 1. Unfortunately, they first have to raise fund to hire an architect. Do you know an architect who can help out? Are you interested in donating funds to this cause? If so, contact the commission.

Last Saturday I went to the Green Faire at Urban Oaks Farm. There were close to 2,000 people there coming and going. They had great events and even free ice cream. It was a nice time and I sure hope you had the chance to attend. New Britain has a lot of events if you keep your eyes and ears open. It’s time residents took advantage of all New Britain has to offer.

Right on this page, do not miss Pat Rutkowski, New Britain Public Library Director’s column on summer reading. It certainly is getting hot out there.

On City Health, page 5, we have 2 great stories you need to read. One is on rabies. A woman was recently bitten by a raccoon. The other article is how to get your kid to exercise. Start them getting active at a young age.

East Side Restaurant is our business feature on page 8. For great German food and fun, it is a must stop. Ticki Tocki, Ticki Tocki, Hoy Hoy Hoy!

Our poll question on our website shows that almost 70 percent of people are looking forward to food and beer at September’s Oktoberfest. What are you most interested in at the event? Go to and cast your vote. Hurry, a new question will be posted soon.

My funny thought of the week found on Facebook is, “Freedom for a woman is coming home after a long day and taking off her bra.”

Isn’t that a great feeling? I hope you enjoy these jokes.

Until next week, keep safe and enjoy YOUR #1 Free Weekly Newspaper!