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McNamara Receives College Excellence Award

John McNamara, Capital Community College’s Director of Institutional Advancement, was named the recipient of the 2011 Board of Trustee Educational Excellence Award from the college.

“It’s an unexpected honor to be recognized with the College Educational Excellence and Distinguished Service Award this year by the leadership and colleagues here at the College,” said McNamara. “Over the last 10 years I’ve worked with three Presidents, a very dedicated faculty and staff, alumni and students to increase support for the College, including raising funds for programs and activities that have focused on student success, retention and scholarship aid.”

McNamara has lived in New Britain for 27 years and since 1993 has served as Democratic Town Chairman. He’s very active in the community and is a member of the Italian Fraternal Society, the New Britain Irish Social Club and the New Britain NAACP. The Rotary Foundation bestowed John with two Paul Harris Fellowship Awards in recognition of his advocacy for world peace and understanding and in 2010 he was the recipient of the New Britain NAACP’s Connie Wilson Collins Community Service Award.

McNamara said, “With the award comes an opportunity and some funding ($5,000) to engage in professional activities that will include the following project:

The Guide to Grammar & Writing (, conceived and introduced to CCC students by Prof. Charles Darling in 1998, is a nationally and internationally recognized online resource for teachers and students. The late Professor Darling linked this resource to my office and the CCC Foundation in 2004. Appreciative visitors forward small donations and continually send heartfelt words of praise to the Guide and the College. The Guide has been recognized over the last two years for its excellence as an online learning resource by both Good Housekeeping magazine and the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT). While online pedagogy is booming, the Guide is an under-utilized asset that requires more attention.

I’ll be working with faculty and others to (1) review and update the Guide’s content (2) assess and identify technical upgrades (“fixes”), and/or; (3) advance the Guide as a benefit to the College and a learning resource for the community. It is truly an amazing resource and not a week goes by that I don’t receive inquiries from all corners of the globe about it. I am told it receives 250,000 “hits” a month. If you google the word “grammar” up it comes.”

Capital Community College Commencement held its commencement at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford Thursday night. The keynote speaker was Adrienne Cochrane, President & CEO of the Urban League of Greater Hartford.

Mariano Cardoso, a Mexican student from New Britain who won a temporary reprieve from deportation graduated, along with 546 other students – the largest graduating class in Capital Community College’s history.

Other New Britain graduates included: Bridgette Ackeifi, Keyshaun Assing, Rebecca Bokomora, Rebecca Black, Shante Black, Veronica Blair, Jonathan Cangahuala, Suleyka Caraballo, Aliette Charles Boisrand, Melanie Downes-Macon, Beata Gottner, Deanna Harris, Terence Hathaway, Anetta Kuzawa, Zuinda Lugo Delgado, Mirian Mendez, Patricia Migliowec, Joel Nazario, Belgica Nieves, Maria Ramos, Mary Richards, Michelle Rivera, Marcos Rodriguez, Tammie Roman, Daisy Sanchez, Jose Sandoval and Melanie Thamsor-Senah.