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Language Students Bring Poetry Honors to NBHS

The Connecticut Council of Language Teachers (CT COLT) recently held its 30th annual COLT Poetry Recitation Contest, hosted this year by Lewis Mills High School in Burlington. This year, thirteen students from New Britain High School (NBHS) participated in the native and non-native language categories, with seven of these students receiving medals.

Public and private schools in CT have awarded thousands of certificates over the years to World Language students who participated in the Poetry Recitation Contests sponsored by CT COLT, an organization composed of language teachers from most schools throughout CT.

This year, over 1,000 students from over 90 schools competed in 19 languages which included American Sign Language, Ancient Greek, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, English Language Learners, French, German, Modern Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Nepalise, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Middle and high school students prepared poetry in their home schools. High school level students were to enter poetry no less than 14, nor more than 30, lines in length. They were free to select poems in any language that they wished to present. Students were judged in four areas: memorization, diction, interpretation and body language. Three prizes for each level of each language were presented. Every participant received a certificate.

The following New Britain High School students participated (an asterisk beside the name indicates the student received a medal):

  • Vilmary Torres
  • Annette Lopez*
  • Brianna Dobransky
  • Przemyslaw Dulski
  • Greta Gabriel
  • Jan Glenbocki*
  • Katherine Gorecki*
  • Noel Guerrero
  • Magda Kaczynska*
  • Rafael Popek*
  • Benjamin Santiago
  • Anna Szumska*
  • Klaudia Tanska*

Ewa Mielicka, Patricia Minges and Jia Wang, all teachers at NBHS, volunteered as judges for the poetry contest.