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Tilcon Quarry Proposal Withdrawn


On Wednesday Mayor Erin E. Stewart withdrew her support for the Tilcon Quarry Project that would have allowed the company to mine 74 acres of protected watershed owned by the New Britain Water Department but located in Plainville. It possibly would have also created a new water storage area.

This followed a $350,000 study by Lenard Engineering that was very controversial and brought much opposition across the State.

Stewart mailed a letter John Betkoski, of the State Water Planning Council, saying, “during the period of the Lenard review the City had the opportunity to learn a great deal about the potential environmental impacts of the proposed expansion as well as to hear directly from the public about their concerns. Consequently, we agree with many of the interested parties that the Lenard Study and the public have raised several issues which would necessitate further review before any such project could move forward. Given the increased cost to the City of that additional due diligence, the time it would require and the depth of opposition to the proposal as a result of these unanswered questions, I have concluded that the most prudent course of action at this time would be withdrawal of the proposal for further consideration.”

Stewart said she notified Gary Wall, president of Tilcon Inc. of her decision.

The Mayor also added that she wanted to secure adequate water supply for residents and hoped to see discussions on drought conditions happening because of climate changes.