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Editor’s Note 8/9/2018

The primary is Tuesday and I would love to see our New Britain connections take higher office.

Democrat Mary Glassman, New Britain native, should be New Britain’s choice for the 5th District congress. She will be a great voice for our City. She will be a force in Washington DC. I have complete confidence in her abilities.

And the City needs to vote for Republican Mayor Erin Stewart for Lt. Governor. We all know the fantastic job she has done for the City. We really need her at the state level. I will miss her in New Britain, but Connecticut is in trouble. She can help fix it. If you want real change in Connecticut you need to vote for her.

These are my only endorsements at this time.

There is only a month left to summer. It has been a very hot one. It will be nice to not drip with sweat just walking to the car. As much as I like summer, the humidity is killing me.

We went to National Night Out Tuesday night. At first, I was not sure how Central Park would be as its location. But, I found I like it. Everything seems to be closer. The activities are better each year. I’m not sure as many people turn out as previously. I remember quite a few people at Willow Street. I hope the purpose of meeting your neighbors is not lost.

This week, on page one, we took a look at what is happening at the schools. It’s not too indepth, but there is a lot of insight for next year. STEAM is going to be a huge focus next year. I am going to watch it carefully. It could be a game changer.

We asked Facebook group members which classes, outside the basics, they took that were most useful. The majority said typing. I hope future generations say STEAM.

This week our business story was “In The Cut”. These three guys really are inspirations for our City. Work hard and you too can own your own business. See page 3 for more.

Last week I went to Walnut Hill Park with my dog and another dog got away from his owner and attacked her. She is fine, but I was teriffied. I want to warn small dog owners to be aware in public.

Large dog owners please keep a hold of your dog when in public. Dogs can get excited about little things. Even dogs that don’t seem aggressive can change in certain situations.

I found a few lame questions or so called jokes for you this week.

“If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?”

“If winning isn’t important, then why keep score?”

“If rabbits feet are lucky, what happened to the rabbit?”

Until next week keep thinking and keep reading the #1 Most Trusted Newspaper.