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Many Classes Other than the Basics are Essential


While the Consolidated School District of New Britain adds STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) classes as a regular to its curriculum this year, the City Journal asked group members “What class in high school, other than your basics of math, english and science, did you take that were most useful?”

One of the most useful people said was typing, but there were a variety of answers.

“1961 – typing as it was called ‘back then’ but the skill carried over to piano lessons and then as computers phased in and it became keyboarding,” said Drue Signorelli. “VERY valuable skill to have learned then and use daily today.”

Helen Murratti-Pion said, “Typing, bookkeeping and shorthand.”

“Typing,” responded Sheila Geary. “How could I forget that. Typing started my federal career. “

“Typing,” said Jim McNair. “Would never have made it through college and beyond without it!”

“I took two years of typing,” said Sheri Amato. “Because of that skill, I was never unemployed.”

Joe Shilinga said, “Typing in 8th and 9th grade most valuable course for my career as a communications director and public information officer for more than 30 years.”

“Civics. Showed the importance of government and I thought at the time that my vote can/ will make a difference,” said Mark Zenobi. “I realized by becoming politically active that you can affect change, you see both sides of an issue and can make informed decisions. Working for local government also came with great satisfaction.”

“Health Sciences/ Human Body Systems,” said Sal Germano. “Useful for me now because my focus is in crime scene investigations.”

“Drafting,” said Jim Dufour. “I own 3 companies and use “Autocad” and related software in the manufacturing of the components and pieces we sell every day.”

Scott Clark said, “Accounting class. It helps deal with family budgets and safely manage a checking or savings account.”

“Auto mechanic and woodshop at New London High,” added Carmelo Rodriguez.

“Gym. It taught me to get along with others, work as a team and keep my self fit and many other things,” stated Roger Sullivan.

“Drama,” said Ann Dilling. “Taught me to communicate with others.”

Ramona Kubilius Anderson said, “Yearbook. Start with a creative idea, set deadlines, work as a team, have a finished product others can use.”

“I took a class where we read and discussed current events (long before the days of cable news and the internet),” answered Catherine Cheney. “It taught me that reading the news is more important than listening to the sound bites on TV.”

“Latin. It was AMAZING when I took my GRE and it helped with medical terms,” responded Maria Garieri Zmijewski.

Melissa Kauppi Shute said it was “Automotive. I am not helpless in the garage.”

“Home Economics,” said Anna Tercyak. “Sewing, cooking, how to take care of kids.”

Other answers included communications, computer repair and certfified nurse’s aid.

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