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Editor’s Note 7/26/2018

It has been a very hot and humid summer in New Britain this year. A few times I did some odds and ends outside my house and sweat so bad it seemed as if I was in the shower.

I think we forget how hot summer is and how cold winter is until it is here.

I’m not complaining about the heat as I prefer it over snow. Everyone just has to remember to take it easy and drink a lot of water.

This week our paper focuses on dogs and the dog pound. I think it is quite interesting that there is an increase in people getting bit by dogs. Most dogs are adorable, but they are not stuffed animals. They get scared and react. People need to ask if they can pet a dog and not assume they are friendly.

Residents need to keep their pets on a leash. It is easy for a dog to sneak out a door. Mine has done it. We must be more careful especially with an aggressive dog.

My dog loves everyone, except the mailman. She is wary of all white trucks and can spot a mailman a half mile away. I doubt she would bite one, but any dog can be scary. It is always best to be cautious.

There are a lot of dogs at the pound. Some are big and a few are smaller. The small ones seem very scared. The big ones, mostly pitbull mixes, were very friendly. I hope people take one home and treat it with and care. All dogs deserve to be loved.

There is also a fundraiser for Rusty happening. He needs a lot of care, but is a very sweet dog. Please donate to help save this beautiful dog. I dropped off a big bag on Purina One and some treats. Cash or dog food is being accepted.

It is National Night Out in a few weeks. It is a great time to get together and know your fellow residents. Free food and entertainment at Central Park. It is one of the summer’s highlights. See page 2 for more.

On page 6 we focused on the local business Coach Carter’s. He is a great guy with really nice merchandise. It is a great place to get custom items at a very reasonable price. I wish him well.

Time for our Joke of the Week. It was hard to find one, but here goes.

Why did the teacher have to visit the eye specialist?

She just couldn’t control her pupils!

Hey, I tried.

Until next week control your pupils so I don’t have to come up with silly jokes and keep reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!