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Fundraiser for Rusty


The animal control presently has a fundraiser happening for Rusty.

Rusty was dumped off at the pound and nobody has called for him.

Sgt. Keller said he is a pit mix and has been neglected. He has hypothyroidism that has been left untreated for a long time. He has a skin condition. His head is shrunken-in which is uncomfortable for him and he has a cancerous tumor.

The pound is looking to raise money for his care. He had surgery on Tuesday morning and is doing well.

“He is really friendly so we are trying to raise money to pay for his surgery,” she said.

Surgery costs about $1,000 and his cancer could spread.

“We can’t tell his age because his condition is so poor but he looks 7 year plus,” Keller said. “People can drop off donations, even food so that money normally spent on food can go towards medical expenses.”

Veterinarians have a plan to help Rusty and it could be costly.

There is an account for dogs that need medical care at new britain pound pals llc on Facebook.

The fundraising account is used for all dogs that need surgery and can be saved.

Keller said that some times little dogs come in that are very matted and they need to be anesthetized before the mats can be removed.

Funds or food (Purina One is suggested) can be dropped off at the animal control facility. For more information call 860-826-3095.