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Who Could Be The Next Mayor?


The Election for Lt. Governor is not until November, but residents across the City are wondering, if Mayor Erin Stewart were to win, who would be the next mayor?

According to Registrar of Voters Peter Gostin, “If Erin wins the election as Lt. Governor she would take office in early Jan ‘19, thereby vacating the office of mayor. Because the vacate occurs more than 6 months before the next mayoral election, a special election would take place no later than 45 days and the mayor pro-tempore (Eva Magnuszewski) would operate the city during that interim.”

At this time, both political parties have said it is too early to know who would run for the vacated office. Neither offered input on candidates.

The City Journal has no inside information from either party, but has some speculations on which candidates could be considered if the position becomes open.

First could be Democrat Merrill Gay who ran for Mayor in 2017. He lost by about 1,000 votes.

Gay, who currently serves as the executive director of the Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance, has been a city taxpayer since 1989. He filled a vacancy on the Board of Education in 2014 and was elected to a four year term in 2015.

He is the father of two grown children. Some city residents may recognize Gay as the driver of the eye-catching yellow Velomobile he pedals around the city emblazoned with the words, “We Vote For Kids.”

He has a BA from Clark University where he majored in Government in 1983 and earned a Masters Degree in Community Economic Development in 1992 from New Hampshire College.

Another Democrat could be Eva Magnuszewski as she is the Mayor Pro Tempore and would run the City in the interim.

According to information sent to the City Journal in 2017, she is an Account Executive at a Bristol based manufacturing company. She spends her time testifying in person at the State Capitol and submitting written testimony when animal legislation is introduced and hearings are held. She is a passionate animal rights activist, as well as a Vegan.

Magnuszewski is a first generation Polish immigrant who reads and speaks fluently in Polish after attending Polish schools as a child. She got involved with the New Britain Democrats during the Jason Jakubowski campaign in 2005, door knocking, fundraising, and anything else that needed to get done.

Third on the City Journal list for Democratic candidates is Majority Leader Carlo Carlozzi Jr.

He has been the voice of the Democratic party attempting to hold up Mayor Stewart’s agenda during recent Common Council meetings.

He is a graduate of the Washington and Lee University, Lexington VA school of Commerce, Economics, and Politics, and is employed by Liberty Mutual as a Sales Representative.

Carlo has served the city of New Britain as Commissioner in a number of commissions, including the Civil Service Commission (1988) and City Plan Commission (1988-1992).

Other Democratic candidates could include State Representatives Rick Lopes or Robert Sanchez.

On the Republican side, Minority Leader Robert Smedley leads the way. Smedley, however, is presently running for State Senator and may not be available to run.

Smedley was born and raised in New Britain. Holy Cross School Alumni, New Britain High School Alumni and 2007 UCONN alumni- Bachelor Degree in Sociology. He is a Police Explorer for 7 years and now advisor to the youth law enforcement program. His other talents include Mobile Disc-Jockey, former radio show personality and intern on Sirius Satellite Radio. Currently, he is the Director of Facilities and Security for New Britain High School managing a 500,000 sq. ft. facility.

Republican Alderman Willie Pabon has voiced interest in the past on running for Mayor.

He is the owner of New Britain Fence Co. and was raised and schooled here in New Britain. He currently resides on Birchwood Drive with my wife, Nora.

He is actively involved in the community as a volunteer, businessman and member of the Common Council for 9 years. He has been a member of the FBI Citizens Academy, the CPOA (Citizens Property Owners Association), Claims Committee and a member of the PCAC (Police Commissioners Association of Connecticut.

Lastly, the candidate could be Councilmam Kristian Rosado who is an Independent endorsed by the New Britain Republican party.

Rosado is a longtime New Britain resident who also attended our City’s schools. He is the proud son of a father that served our country in the Armed Forces and a mother that taught in our school district.

In information mailed to the City Journal last November as he ran for Common Council, Rosado said, “I believe government is more effective when elected officials choose to put the concerns of the people over partisan party politics . When the business of government is done with honesty, transparency, accountability and efficiency, it benefits the people we’re called to serve.”

He is in his third year on the Common Council.

Other Republican candidates could include Councilmen Daniel Salerno or Don Naples.

Although another candidate could emerge, those are some of the top prospects the City could be looking at if Stewart were to move to the State level.