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Take Refuge


It’s a fast paced, ever changing world in which we live in. I invite you to step away from it and take a break at the perfect refuge – your library. Stop by, step inside and step aside from all the fast moving energy out there in today’s world – good, bad and sometimes draining. Take a breather. Relax, escape and unwind, if only for a brief time, you will enjoy the benefits. You owe it to yourself.

The library is a place – just to be. Here you can take a break from the news, from electronics, or your ever demanding smart phone. Yes, they all have a time and a place but most certainly, we need a balance.

Part of the attraction of the library is atmospheric; its look, its feel, what it promises. Huge and immense, it’s not hard to find a place in a cozy corner with no interruptions and promises peace and solitude. That is, if you turn your cell phone off!

Think about it – there’s not a lot of that around today. It’s a noisy, busy world we live in. Although the library, too, has been affected by these changes there is still semblance of earlier days. Our two beautiful historic buildings at each end are fine examples of artful craftsmanship both inside and out.

They convey beauty, warmth, welcome, and comfort.

The days of shushing are gone and the library is full of vibrancy and activity but there still remains one area where the shushing librarians would take great pride in – the original Reading Room, which houses our magazine and newspaper collection. This is the one area in the library governed by quiet and a throwback to the days when libraries were about quiet. Incredibly and amazingly, even when the room is filled, one is struck with the peace and quiet where the only sound heard is that of pages being turned. It feels magical at times – a major contrast to today’s living. Stop in for a visit. Grab a seat and a book. Perhaps it might be only a brief respite but it will certainly be rewarding.

Spend a few minutes and enjoy the benefits of reading. It doesn’t matter what you read but loosing yourself in a good story promises stress reduction and relaxation. Escape from the worries and concerns of the everyday world. Not only does reading makes us feel better but more positive, too. And we can all use a little more of that.