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New Britain Memorial-Sagarino Funeral Home Local for 111 Years


Whether you need to plan ahead or whether it is a sudden emergency, New Britain Memorial-Sagarino Funeral Home – formerly Blogoslowski Funeral Home – has been around for more than a century providing a commitment to a high standard of funeral services in New Britain.

Service Corporation International acquired New Britain Memorial from the Blogoslawki family and 6 years later Sagarino Funeral Home merged with New Britain Memorial. Which made two funeral homes into one.

“We serve about 200 families a year,” said Jonathan E. Raymond, general manager/funeral director. “This is a calling. It’s not a 9 to 5 job. Everyone is on call 24/7. We sacrifice our lives for the benefit of others.”

It has full service funerals, full service cremations, burial, a certfied celerant is on staff, and an events center next door for 80-90 people after the funeral.

“People come in after the funeral and it is catered. We do everything from A to Z,” said Raymond. “We try to make it a one stop event. It used to be you meet with funeral home and then go to restaurant and then go to florist and then go to a monument company. We do everything. You may spend 2 to 3 hours here, but when you walk out the door everything is done.”

They also own and operate their own crematorium in Old Saybrook, CT. Families are assured from beginning to end the body of their loved one never is in anyone else’s hands.

“We have a zero entry walk-in from back and front and our parking pavilion holds a couple hundred cars,” said Donald Sagarino, funeral director. “A great parking facility is key to funeral homes.”

There are four chapels. There has been five services at once with a room utilized downstairs, said Barbara Thompson, funeral director.

“We try to help people contribute to create a tribute to the life of their loved one,” said Raymond. “A tribute of a life well celebrated rather than a funeral they want to forget.”

Some tribute have included birdhouses throughout the room and a another was for a Coca Cola fan.

“The family brought items from the house and we placed them all over,” said Anthony A. Lucibello Jr., funeral director. “At the funeral, the celebrant had cans of Coke on ice and we brought them to the cemetery and incorporated toasting and cracking open a can for him. So many people said it was a funeral they would never forget.”

“Each life is unique and deserves to be celebrated in that unique way,” said Raymond. “We do consider some of the things we do standard operating procedure.”

There is a video tribute playing in each chapel of 50-60 pictures set to music. There are free online obituaries to help offset costs. They offer 24 compassion help line for families for 13 months and mourners for 3 months free. There is grief therapy and bereavement travel options for hotel reservations and car reservations. There is a 100 percent guarantee.

“We get it right 99.999 percent of the time. If there is a time it is too hot or too cold or a car is late, we want their needs met,” Raymond said. “We back it up with a 100 percent guarantee from catering to the service.”

The funeral home also offers support options and is fully staffed 7 days a week.

“Before or during services a family can bring us a picture to memorialize a loved one. They can get an oil on canvas,” said Thompson. “It’s a beautiful keepsake for the family to take home.”

All the funeral directors belong to community groups and do public service.

Each year the home offers a life remembrance service for all their customers who passed in the last year.

Anyone can also pre-plan a funeral when you are not under duress. The pre-arrangement can move to another dignity funeral home if you move. And costs for funeral home are frozen.

“It’s less espensive and it’s a lot easier for your family,” said Sagarino. “All they have to do is pick the date and times.”

Payment plans for pre-arrangements are available.

“I have seen the team work together to help those in the worst day of their life with compasion, honor, understand, empathy and sympathy. People say they would not know what they would do without our funeral directors” said Raymond. “We only get one chance to do it right.”

New Britain Memorial-Sagarino Funeral Home is located at 444 Farmington Ave. For more information call 860-229-0444.