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Editor’s Note 6/14/2018

Budget cuts made on Saturday were certainly very interesting, but the controversy surrounding it was unnecessary.

While the details on the budget are on page 1, the political nonsense behind it are disturbing.

After two months of having the Mayor’s budget proposal, the New Britain Democrats could not produce a budget on the night it was due. Instead they tabled it.

That produced frustration from the New Britain Republicans. The Republican Aldermen held a press conference the next day to voice their concerns. In the conference the Republicans said they stood behind the Mayor’s budget. But, that is not all they said. They accused the Democrats of not being knowledgable and even brought along a sheep to show they all voted together.

This was pure political shenanigans and was inappropriate. The New Britain Republicans are no longer the majority party in Council. The Democratic Aldermen were voted fairly into office and do not need to be mocked while trying to do their jobs.

The City Journal has always wanted the two parties to work together regardless of who held the majority. This kind of behavior is not conducive to that happening.

A second budget meeting occurred on Saturday. Many Republican Aldermen complained that the budget ammendments were rammed through without their input in the last minute. A Democratic Aldermen replied that the Republican majority leader was asked to discuss budget changes. He responded by saying the Republicans were not interested in changes. They wanted the Mayor’s budget passed. If this is truly the case, then the Republicans should not complain that they had no input in the budget ammendment.

During discussion, the Democratic majority leader’s behavior however, was also inappropriate. Scolding another alderman and telling them not to shake their head sure felt like bullying. Regardless of Pres. Donald Trump’s behavior, it is not appropriate to act like a dictator. Democrats may have the majority, but everyone has a right to their opinion. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

The meeting on Saturday was embarrasing. Both parties were at fault.

The City needs civilized leaders. I do not believe many on this Council understand that. New Britain politics is at its worst. It is not getting better.

When it comes to the actual cuts, I am against most of them. I do believe some were meant to target individuals the Democrats had issue with in City Hall. But, I do commend the Democratic Aldermen for attempting to make cuts. I am always in favor of lower taxes. It is a start.

I have always said I did not mind paying more for taxes as long as it went to education. Some of the budget funds are set for education. As long as those funds go to new teachers I approve it. I just wish the board of education would cut the pay of administrators. Is it really necessary for over 150 administrators to be paid more than our mayor? I shudder when a new administrator position is added or given a raise. And it happens each year.

Teachers are underpaid. Administrators are overpaid. I don’t want to hear people say administrators need a doctorate or master’s degree. Degrees do not mean someone is a good administrator. Stop handing out residents’ money like it is monopoly money to administrative staff.

I don’t usually write this long, but it was a frustrating week in the City. I’ve always had high hopes for the City, but I am truly disgusted by our elected officials rhetoric.

I’ve always given my honest opinion and have received much abuse from both parties because of it. I guess I can expect more of it this week.

Have a good week and thanks for reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!