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Gabriella Roy, New Britain High School Valedictorian


Credits Success to Hard Work and Unique Opportunities

Gabriella Roy has been awarded the title of valedictorian of the New Britain High School Class of 2018. Graduating at the top of her class, Roy intends to major in Nursing at the University of Connecticut.

After being accepted to seven 4-year colleges, Roy narrowed her college search down to two schools, Boston College and the University of Connecticut. Roy says she finally selected UConn after falling in love with the campus, faculty, and students on her first visit.

Throughout her time in the district, moving from Holmes Elementary School, to HALS Academy, and eventually to NBHS, Roy has always maintained great grades, a strong extracurricular presence, and a high class rank, but has never let the pressure of high performance get to her.

“For me, I never wanted to put pressure on myself. I never thought about it. Work hard and persevere. I had people who were supporting me, but they never put any pressure on me. Family, here in the US and Peru, supported me every step of the way.”

She credits her successes not only to her own hard work, but to the support she’s gotten from family, both local and abroad, and to the unique opportunities offered by New Britain. Roy says her teachers in the school district have had a great impact on her.

“I grew up in New Britain, and I loved the people and the community. I don’t think people realize the opportunities NBHS has with AP classes, diversity, and teachers. Almost every teacher I’ve been with has left an impact on me. However, in particular, Mrs. Putnam, my fifth-grade teacher, stands out. She really pushed me to try my hardest and to never settle for less than my best. I will never forget my teachers, my schools, and New Britain as a whole.”

Kerri-Lynn Major, New Britain High School’s Acting Principal, is impressed with Roy’s drive, and her commitment to the school and the city.

“Gabby has always amazed me with her involvement in the school. A varsity softball player, soccer player, basketball player, and a member of too many clubs to count, yet she has been consistently at the top of her class. With that kind of dedication and perseverance, I know she’s going to great things.”

Superintendent Nancy Sarra regards Roy as a great role model for all students in New Britain, saying that she has demonstrated the power of hard work and perseverance.

“Being involved in the school community through sports and extra-curricular activities, Gabriella has shown that if you apply yourself and seek out the resources that are provided here throughout CSDNB, anything is possible. On behalf of the entire district and New Britain community, I congratulate Gabriella and wish her the best of luck.”