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As this team progresses talk about a new core four to replace Derek Jeter, Andy Pettite, Jorge Posada and Mariana Rivera seems to always be a question.

Time will tell but there could be a cour five. Of course it depends on who is kept and who is traded.

Most likely the two not traded will be Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez. The other possiblilities are Greg Bird, Clint Frazier, Gleyber Torres, Miguel Andujar, Tyler Wade and Tyler Austin.

So far it is looking like Gleyber Torres is a shoe-in and Miguel Andujar has a strong shot. Bird is the first basemen. If he can stay healthy he has to be there.

Maybe the team will have a core five.

I do wish pitching prospects were as strong as the outfield. I believe one or more of the great prospects will have to be traded for a pitcher.

Luis Severino needs to stay. Masahiro Tanaka is a good number two pitcher. But after that the Yankees dwindle. Sonny Gray is not pitching as expected and CC Sabathia is getting really old really fast. The fifth pitching spot right now is a joke.

The Yankees can win the World Series, but in order to be there the team needs a strong third pitcher.

Trade time comes in July and it will be interesting to see who remains a Yankee. I really want to see Torres and Andujar stay. The rest seem to be tradeable. I hate to see any of them leave, but I see Tyler Wade, Tyler Austin or Clint Frazier becoming a casualty to our poor pitching.

I hope the Yankee management makes a good choice. This team needs to stay together.

Hey who knows, maybe one day we could have a Core Six or Seven?