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The Kitchen Opens Up to Big Crowd


Although the Kitchen, 136 Main St has been open a few weeks, a large crowd turned out last Friday for the official ribbon cutting.

“The motivation and inspiration came from the huge success we already had in New Britain with Mofongo,” said Vincent Placeres, owner. “It gave me that energy to say why not do it again. Some people say why not Hartford? Why not Glastonbury? Why New Britain? I say why not New Britain?”

Placeres said his partners put their minds together to come up with something different. Placeres’ other restaurant Mofongo features Puerto Rican food.

“This one is a mix of everything. It is called ‘The Kitchen’ because it is an open pallette,” Placeres said. “It will feature a little Italian, Mexican, American, French or whatever we want to create.”

On the menu presently are wings, chili, pastas, Chicken Milanese, Salmon Piccata, Grilled New York Strip, Achiote Roasted Chicken and more. Dinner price range from $14-$30.

There will eventually be shows downstairs as the building space is 4,000 square feet. Jazz, comedy and much more are coming.

“We are ready to bring something new to New Britain,” said Alex DeJesus who along with Mark Lally are partners in the businees with Placeres.

“We are really excited that Mr. Placeres is opening up his second restaurant,” said Bill Carroll, economic director. “He had such success at Mofongo. What he has done has been the most successful restaurant that has ever been on that corner across from City Hall. We think the world of him. He is a tremendous entreprenuer.”

Mayor Erin Stewart said she was proud to see another business open downtown.

“I think a restrauntuer who knows what he is doing in this business is what this space has needed for many, many years,” Mayor Stewart said. “What he accomplished at Mofongo is incredible and to replicate that business model here is only going to see additional success for him.”

Stewart added that for him to stay in New Britain shows things are changing in the City’s favor.

“He always has fresh food and good service. He takes his business very serously,” added Stewart. “I encourage everyone to come down and try out The Kitchen.”

Avner Krohn, of Jasko who owns the building said, “ I am very excited to be working with Vincent. He is a master restrauntuer. It is great cynergy. We have seen more activity downtown in the last nine months than I’ve ever seen in New Britain.”

Mayor Stewart said there is plenty of parking for everyone downtown.

“There is plenty of parking available across the street. At 5 is free and on weekends,” Mayor Stewart added.

Hours are Monday-Thursday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Bar until 1 a.m. Friday & Saturday 11 a.m. to midnight. Bar until to 2 a.m. Sunday both kitchen and bar 11 a.m. until 10 p.m.

For more information go to To place an order or reservation call 860-357-4123.