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Clinic Helps to Vaccinate, License Your Pet


New Britain Town & City Clerk Mark H. Bernacki has announced that Town Clerk’s Offices throughout the state will begin licensing dogs for the new fiscal year between June 1st to June 30th. Existing dog licenses expire June 30th.

This year there will be a Rabies and Parvovirus Clinic on Sunday, June 3rd from 9 a.m. to noon at the Oak Street Police Substation located at the corner of West and Oak Streets, sponsored by the New Britain Police Department in order to ensure dogs can get vaccinated.

Bernacki said the two organizations work together in order to allow dogs have all the necessary shots and paperwork. About 100 dogs are licensed, but cats also come to get vaccinated.

“Mayor Erin Stewart and the Common Council have made it a public safety priority to have dogs immunized for rabies and the deadly parvovirus,” Bernacki said. “In addition, if you breed dogs, kennel and liter permits will be required.”

“Parvo is a deadly disease. It can make your dog very sick and can kill the dog. It is extremely contagious,” Sgt. Paula Keller previously told the City Journal. “It’s important dogs be vaccinated to prevent the spread of the disease and to protect your pets. When people are out walking their dog and come in contact with dog feces that was from a sick dog, your dog is going to get sick. It is easy to pick up. It could be a microscopic piece of it and still infect your dog. It lives on surfaces for months.”

It is very costly to treat animals for parvo, so many owners are forced to put their dogs down.

Bernacki said that this year there were no parvovirus diseases at the clinic which saved many animals lives.

According to state law all dogs over six months of age must be registered to receive a numbered dog tag. This tag serves as identification for any pet that may wander away from home. The annual fee for unaltered male and female dogs is $19 per dog, or $8 each for neutered or spayed dogs. A $1 penalty per month is imposed for each dog not registered by June 30th.

In New Britain valid rabies and parvovirus certificates and, if the dog has been neutered or spayed since the last dog license was issued and a certificate from your veterinarian, are required.

“The Town Clerk’s Office, in conjunction with the Police Department’s Rabies and Parvovirus Vaccination Clinic, will license your dog(s),” Bernacki stated. “If you no longer own your dog you can send correspondence directly to the Town Clerk’s Office to have them removed from the registration list.”

For the public’s convenience the Town Clerk’s Office has set up the dog license application form on-line at Select City Services / Town Clerk / Licenses to get to the Town Clerk web page. Scroll down and click on Request for Dogs License Form to download the form. If you wish to submit and pay for the license(s) by mail, return the license application form, your dog(s) vaccination certificates, a SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED envelope and a check payable to: New Britain Town Clerk Office.