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Editor’s Note 5/17/2018

I apologize to those who have been looking for the City Journal the last two weeks. I had to travel out of state to finish some of my mom’s business. Hopefully, that is completed.

A lot happened while I was gone. I could not recap everything. I would need more ads for a larger paper to do that.

I was surprised and yes disappointed to see Mayor Erin Stewart run for Lt. Governor. Last I saw Stewart and Susan Bysewicz were ahead in the governor’s race. Now both are running for Lt. Governor. Both political parties disappointed me. Now, I have to learn much more about Mark Boughton and Ned Lamont before choosing a candidate.

As many of you may know, I started my journalism career working in Simsbury, CT. I had worked my way up to editor of the Farmington Valley Herald. I was there about 10 years. Somewhere around my fifth year, this new woman decided to run for First Selectman. There was about 6 weeks left until Election Day. When I interviewed her, she was smart and bright and really had a way about her that was different than most politicians I ever met. However, she was a Democrat in a Republican town that had not elected a Democratic First Selectman in 60 years.

Taking a chance on my gut feeling, I endorsed her anyway. In fact, we were the only paper to do that. She went on to win the election in a major upset. Through my years working with her I found her to be honest, sincere and a breath of fresh air from most political candidates. Much like I see Mayor Erin Stewart.

That candidate I had grown to admire was Mary Glassman. She really fights for what she believes in and does not cowtow to the party. I don’t trust a lot of politicians, but I did want to say how much I respect Glassman. She is the only politician who has yelled and argued with me and then closed the conversation with “this doesn’t mean you are not my friend”. Politics will never change that fact.

Most politicians only care about what reporters can do for them. Once they don’t need you anymore, they don’t know you.

In our paper this week are great articles about a Tango Festival, parks and recreation programs and our Top 10 Italian Restaurants.

I have no joke, but promise to find you two next week.

Until next week, find me a few good jokes and keep reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!