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Political Convention Brings Surprise


Mayor Stewart Chooses to Run for Lt. Governor

New Britain Mayor Erin E. Stewart survived the GOP nomination weekend, but she will not be running for Governor this year. In what many people called “a surprise” on Friday, Stewart announced she had decided to run for Lt. Governor instead.

On Tuesday she made her first live broadcast on Facebook to explain to her supporters her decision.

“I have a little bit of explaining to do,” she said as she thanked supporters.

She went on to say she pulled out of the race because, “the votes weren’t there.”

“We went into the Republican convention to survive. We wanted to come out on the ballot in some way, shape or form and we had a decision we had to make. That decision had to be made very quickly.

Do we stay on the ballot for governor knowing we were not going to come out of the convention successful or do we continue on in a capacity where I know my talents can be best served? Lt. Governor is not something I am disappointed about. We are still in this all the way through to November,” Stewart said. “When the votes aren’t there, they aren’t there. I decided to pivot and run for Lt. Governor as a way to ensure our message stays on track and on the ballot for November.”

Stewart will now run against State Senator Joe Markley for Lt. Governor in August 14 in a primary.

Stewart asked her supporters for donations of $100 per person to reach $75,000 by the primary. She said money previously donated was used on her campaign for Governor. The new fund starts over and those who donated before can donate again at

Following her decision to run as Lt. Governor members of the New Britain City Journal Facebook group voiced their opinions.

“Pretty bummed,” said Todd Davis Cheney. “Not sure who else in the field I’d want to vote for for governor.”

Gail Burrill Koerner said, “I am pretty bummed too. She was, by far, the best choice for Governor.”

“I think if she gets it, it will be a great learning experience. She gets to experience what working in the state level looks like, and when she is ready and has won the people’s approval she can run for governor,” said Krystal Tenner. “She’s still young and has plenty of time left in her political career.”

“She was by far the best choice to help CT out of the hole its in,” said Scott Markiewicz . “People in this state are clueless!”

The GOP chose Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton as their endorsed candidate for Governor. Democrats chose Ned Lamont as their endorsed candidate for Governor this week as well.

The Democratic caucus held two people with New Britain ties in former Simsbury First Selectman Mary Glassman and New Britain Alderman Manny Sanchez running for the 5th District. The seat was left open by Elizabeth Esty.

Glassman who was born in New Britain and grew up in the City won the endorsement. She will also likely head to an August primary against Jahana Hayes and Sanchez.

Republicans chose Manny Santos in the 5th District.