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It is way too early in the season for many negative naysayers.

As I scanned the Yankees groups on Facebook, I saw a lot of negative comments. People were saying the Yankees will not make the playoffs and they can only hope to vie for a wild card spot.

Granted the Boston Red Sox are playing phenomenally, but it is still April.

Why are so many people giving up on this team so early?

The pitching, other than Luis Severino, has not been spectacular. Another top starter would certainly help.

But, if last year’s playoffs showed us anything it was our starters can pitch amazingly when they are on.

There is not one starting pitcher that will be off for more than a turn or two. I say give them a chance before writing them off.

Everyone knows I am not fond of all of our relievers. I think many of them will come around as well. A few may give the team constant issues.

When it comes to hitting the team just keeps getting better. Miguel Andujar seems to be our next big star and Gleyber Torres just needs to take it all in.

The Yankees have the third youngest team in baseball. No more over the hill players that we are hoping can spark the offense.

I expect big things from this team. Don’t let April fool you. This team will contend come September.

So keep bleeding blue and white!