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Editor’s Note 4/26/2018

I do not know how the public feels, but the power struggle coming from the Common Council is an outrage. This week they set a resolution for a hiring freeze. Although I am in favor of a hiring freeze, the Democratic led Council has no right, according to charter, to make this resolution.

This appears to be an attempt to take control away from Mayor Erin Stewart.

This resolution should not have passed purely because the Council has no authority to impose any mandates or restrictions with respect to the hiring of municipal employees.

The Council has plenty of power and should stick by the charter and not try to go beyond it.

I bet most senior citizens have been to TRIAD’s Senior Prom. It was held last week and looked like a lot of fun.

This weekend is huge as on Sunday is The Little Poland Festival. I am so thrilled that this has become such a large event. This gives the City such a great boost as people from all over the country attend. Once again organizers seem to have done an amazing job.

I love the dancers and music and paczki eating contest. But, of course it is an excuse for me to get some pierogies.

If you have not been, then you do not know what you are missing. Stop by for at least an hour. You will be so impressed. It is a great time for everyone. You do not need to be polish to love this festival. It is one my favorites in the City.

Our students will be getting new bicycles thanks to a Farmington organization called KAMP. It sounds like a great fund and I am glad they chose to help our students this year. Read story on page 2.

Barrio Latino continues to grow. On page 3 is a story on a new convenience store T &M Food Mart. It is connected to Krispy Krunchy Chicken. Now everyone can stop in a get food as well as other items.

This is another great addition to the neighborhood.

Did you hear that  the Mayor chose a running mate in her run for Governor? It is Greenwich First Selectmen Peter J. Tesei. I never heard of him before this. It will be interesting to hear his views.

Time for a Facebook joke.

Teacher: Clyde your composition on “my dog” is exactly like your brothers. Did you copy it?

Clyde: No Ma’am. It’s the same dog.

Until next week, get your own dog and keep reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!