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Editor’s Note 4/19/2018

As I write this it is pouring rain outside. I guess April brings rain, but it would be nice if Spring decided to show up. Snow and sleet are meant for February and not April. I could use some 70 degree weather.

We have a new fire chief in Raul Ortiz. He seems like a fantastic man. I think he will be a good fit in New Britain. I wish him luck and much success. He is an inspiration for the Latino community. See story on page 1.

The one day we had nice weather last week was for the Annual Fishing Derby at Stanley Quarter Park. So many people were catching fish. A few told me they were just catching weeds.

It is such a nice event. I used to be an avid fishermen. I no longer seem to find time to partake in the sport.

See page 1 for more details about the derby last Saturday.

Also on that beautiful Saturday was the clean-up of the Rose Garden at Walnut Hill Park. These volunteers work very hard on those roses. In the summertime it is the most beautiful place to be in the City..

One year I saw someone picking roses there. Please don’t do that this year. The rose garden is for everyone to view. You can purchase flowers in the hospital lobby area if you need a gift.

See more about the rose garden and information on how to volunteer on page 2.

State funds were approved for Columbus Commons. This project has a lot of potential. It is a mixed use of housing and business. See page 3 for more information on the plan.

A few of our news boxes were destroyed by vandals this week. If you see someone vandalizing a box, please let us know at 860-505-7612. We will press charges for destruction of property.

Main Street USA is looking for vendors. I would love to see this event grow. It is New Britain’s version of a fall fair.

I want to thank everyone for condolences concerning my mother. They are very appreciated. I must remember that things get better in time.

On a happier note I found a cute joke on Facebook this week.

Where does a dog go when he loses his tail?

A retail store.

Here is a second one sent in to me.

Last year I joined a support group for procrastinators.

We haven’t met yet.

Until next week keep please don’t procrastinate in reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!