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Salerno to Hold 31st Coffee for Open Government


On Saturday April 14 Alderman At Large Danny Salerno will host the 31st Coffee for Open Government held from 9:30 a.m to 1 p.m. at the Angelo’s Market, 349 West Main St.

“Let me first thank Joe Troepa and his great staff for the wonderful service they offer to the community. I encourage folks to try one of the breakfast sandwiches prepared at Angelo’s on April 14th, and have a coffee and some treats on me,” said Salerno.

These public service office hours are Alderman Salerno’s longstanding commitment since 2014 to reach out to all segments of the community, regardless of party affiliation, neighborhood or social background.

“The budget process is about midway through. Mayor Erin Stewart will present her budget proposal to the Common Council April 11th. The Board of Finance and Taxation met in some 14 sessions and presented their budget proposal. So Saturday April 14th will be a great opportunity to discuss where things are for 2018-2019. We finally came to an agreement on the restructuring of our debt service with a 15-0 vote. It’s important to remember that ultimately the Common Council is responsible for the city budget, and can approve or disagree with the Mayor’s proposed budget. It’s our responsibility and greatest role as elected offcials”.

Salerno stated that people are invited to ask questions about anything they like at these Coffee sessions, register complaints or discuss the local issues of the day. The purpose of these “get togethers” is to be accessible, continue transparency and promote citizen involvement in their community and their government. Salerno urged. “You want to honestly talk about bonding issues, restructuring debt service, water, education, North/Oak Street or NRZ issues, parks or traffic signals, the latest neighborhood walk, who should be responsible for neighborhood clean ups, this is the opportunity. There will be budget proposals, charts, and materials for your review. Have you ever read or seen the City Charter? I encourage citizens to attend and present me with issues and problems. I say it always, If I don’t have an answer for you right away, I’ll educate myself and get back to you”.

Salerno emphasized that Meeting schedules for all city commissions and the Common Council, other items such as road repair schedules are only a few examples that can be found on the City’s website

Since the very first Coffee event in January 2014 nearly 600 people have attended. “And every single event there are new faces I had never met before, “ Salerno emphasized. “These Coffee events are a great opportunity for our elected and appointed officials to meet New Britain residents. I am seeking some special guests for this April 14th date. The conversation is always interesting, and a wide range of topics are discussed. No one can say they weren’t invited, there is nothing off limits. I invite everyone, all New Britain residents, my fellow Common Council members, Democrat, Republican or Unaffiliated voter residents”, Salerno emphasized.

There are no speeches or format. Attendees may stay for 15 minutes, a half hour or the entire time.

Salerno emphasized: “I will contunue to highlight our businesses and economic development focus. The Coffee sessions have been held at 16 different locations since 2014. There are at least five new business locations being considered. Without the healthy growth of our commercial community we cannot grow that Grand List and sustain every other aspect of our community.”

“I encourage all residents to contact me with problems or issues on my FACEBOOK page, Daniel Salerno for New Britain Common Council at Large, at or call 860-977-5311”.